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PHI Event Centre Myriade Chromatique Credit sylvain dumais COVER
Photo: ©Sylvain Dumais

Chromatic Myriad

  • Installation
  • Free
  • Technology
  • Architecture
  • Public Art
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Outside the PHI Centre 407 Saint-Pierre St
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2M3

August 15, 2023 - July 31, 2025
Monday to Sunday:
Sunset to 11 PM

All ages

Free, reservations not required

The PHI Centre showcases a light installation with evolving content, adapting to the seasons and exhibitions.

About the Work

PHI Event Centre Myriade Chromatique IMG1 Credit sylvain dumais
Photo: ©Sylvain Dumais

Chromatic Myriad reimagines the dynamic relationship between the urban landscape, the architecture of the PHI Centre, and the viewer's gaze through the skillful interplay of optical phenomena such as reflection and diffraction.

With its captivating and impressionistic detour from the everyday, this public art installation invites individuals to appreciate the city anew as they witness the unfolding reflections, shimmering colours, and reconfiguration of the surrounding architecture.

In a perpetual state of metamorphosis, the perception of the landscape is shaped by individual vantage points, encouraging us to play with our viewpoints and discover variations in the colourways.

The work incites curiosity, encourages us to interact with art and enriches the dialogue between the PHI Centre, the public and the city itself.


  • Designed by
    Sylvain Dumais
    Creative Director
    Phoebe Greenberg
    Executive Producer
    Émilie Heckmann
    Vincent Paquette
    Floriane Soulard

  • Lighting Consultant and Technical Director
    Isaac Caballero
    Installation Project Manager
    Eliot Sarrazin
    Lighting Project Manager
    Vincent Lafrenière
    Hedi Rollet

    Design and Production

  • Communications and Public Relations Managers
    Kevin Delaney and Pierre-Olivier Marinier Leseize

    Art Director
    Michel Ouellette
    Marketing Project Manager
    Hélène Poulain
    Content Writer
    Andrew Gray

  • With the support of

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