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Fondation À Propos Marc Olivier Bécotte 5 30 51 PM

Photo: Marc-Olivier BĂ©cotte

Our Mandate

Established in 2007 by Phoebe Greenberg, the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing impactful contemporary art experiences to the public. Its programming is international in scope, responsive to the local context, and free of charge to reinforce PHI’s commitment to accessibility and inclusion. The Foundation is driven by a desire to break down entrenched perceptions of what contemporary art is and who it is for, with the fundamental belief that art is for us all. The Foundation endeavours to make a home for art, artists and the public we serve, devoted to nurturing convivial exchanges that celebrate art as part of our everyday lives.

Mission valeurs fondation
Photo: Marc-Olivier BĂ©cotte

Our Ethos and Values

The PHI Foundation aims to disrupt the perception that contemporary art is inaccessible, hard to understand and only for certain people. Instead, we want to reinforce how artists make work that resonates with our own preoccupations, questions, and desires. Art is for all of us.

Our primary guiding principle is to be of service in a way that nurtures a culture of care. Inherent to this are the values of generosity, empathy, empowerment, inclusion, and critical thought. It means infusing all our gestures with a sense of duty, taking into consideration the presentation of the artist’s work and the visitor’s experience in equal measure. This manifests itself in the way we greet and care for visitors, in our curatorial, mediation and public engagement approaches.

From its inception, the Foundation has also been about championing creative freedom and increasing access to contemporary art. We want to become freer from conventional exhibition practices so that we might interfere less in the process of reception and encourage a multiplicity of readings of a work of art. This commitment to access also includes a constant engagement with how to lower and remove economic and spatial barriers to contemporary art experiences.

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Photo: Gleb Gomberg

Our History

What better place to showcase contemporary art than in a historic building? What could be more stimulating than to tie history with the contemporary, and create a dialogue between the past and present?

  • Team

    Founder and Director
    Phoebe Greenberg (she/her)

    Managing Director & Curator
    Cheryl Sim (she/her)

    Gallery Management and Adjunct Curator – Public Programs

    Victoria Carrasco (she/her)
    [email protected]
    514 849-3742 ext. 4110

    Exhibitions Manager
    Jon Knowles (he/him)
    [email protected]
    514 849-3742 ext. 4224

  • Adjunct to the Director
    Marie-Fei Deguire (she/her)
    [email protected]
    514 849-3742 ext. 4212

    Visitor Experience Team
    Isabella Astolfi
    Long Bui
    Naima Esperanza Dionne
    Nozomi Kimura
    Diana Lukic
    Ibrahim Mahmoud
    Mathis Martel
    Andy Poblete
    Laura Pritchard
    Jamilla Touré
    Fiona Vail
    Wendy-Alexina Vancol

    Visitor Experience Officer
    Johnson Jesuthason (he/him)
    [email protected]

  • Head of Education
    Marie-HĂ©lĂšne Lemaire (she/her)
    [email protected]
    514 849-3742 ext. 4227

    Adjunct Curator – Engagement
    Daniel Fiset (he/him)
    [email protected]
    514 849-3742 ext. 4220

    Prakash Krishnan (he/him)
    [email protected]

    Paul Lofeodo (he/him)
    [email protected]

    Marilou Lyonnais Archambault (she/her)
    [email protected]

  • Technical & Facilities
    Technical Director
    Grier Edmundson (he/him)
    [email protected]
    514 849-3742 ext. 4228

    Media Relations
    Chief, New Media Partnerships and PR
    Myriam Achard (she/her)
    [email protected]
    514 849-3742 ext. 5104

    Digital Strategist
    Dahlia Cheng (she/her)
    [email protected]
    514 849-3742 ext. 4226

    Coordinator, Print Projects and Digital Content
    Amelia Wong-Mersereau (she/her)
    [email protected]

Meet Our Team

Initiatives fondation


Members from the PHI Foundation team lead a number of different long-term initiatives, special projects, and research projects, that are linked to the exhibition program. This section highlights these projects and will keep you informed on their development.

FEED PHI couleur 178


The PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art offers in-house produced and co-produced publications, artist monographs, gallery guides and other print initiatives as a way to provide in-depth accompaniments to the many exhibitions that we have had the privilege to present. We have also partnered with like-minded institutions, publishers and artists to create printed matter and limited editions.

To purchase an item, please write to us at [email protected] or call 514 849-3742. All of these titles are for sale at the PHI Foundation and can be purchased remotely and shipped.