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PHI is committed to artists at all stages of careers, artists from culturally diverse backgrounds, and artists with bold artistic proposals.

Established in 2021, the PHI Residency program provides artists with the accompaniment, tools, and support necessary to broaden the scope of their practice and take their art to the next level. The residencies have been designed to be multidisciplinary, accessible, and inclusive.

PHI currently offers three residency streams: PHI North, PHI Montréal, and PHI Immersive.

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PHI North offers musicians the opportunity to produce, explore, experiment, and refine their artistic project. Selected participants are granted a two-week creative retreat at a riverside lodge in the Laurentian mountains featuring exclusive access to a state-of-the-art recording studio, with in-house engineer and technical assistance, and support from PHI’s team of multidisciplinary experts.

Specifically oriented for Quebec-based artists, this residency provides a much needed escape from the everyday in order for participants to completely immerse themselves in their artistry.

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This year-long residency program offers one artist or collective from the greater Montréal area the opportunity to collaborate with the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art for the conception and presentation of a public engagement project. The outcomes of this residency can take on a multiplicity of forms, including (but not limited to) talks, performances, a compact exhibition or creative workshops.

The PHI Montréal Residency grounds itself in the emerging field of public engagement, an approach founded on sustained dialogue and collaboration between artists, cultural institutions and communities in the ideation, development and presentation of artworks. Collaborators who take part in these projects can come from a variety of lived experiences, ranging from families and youth to groups affiliated with schools or community organizations.

Applications from artists of all disciplines and backgrounds, including those who wish to gain professional experience in collaborative work methods or socially grounded practices, are strongly encouraged.

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This residency is specifically geared towards the creative development of an immersive or interactive artwork. It provides an artist the opportunity to to be supported by PHI Studio through the development and the prototyping of a new immersive creative work.