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PHI opens the doors to a vibrant and colorful fall season. Explore art in all its facets, at the PHI Foundation for contemporary art, at the PHI Centre, but also outside their walls.

We can't wait to see you at the PHI Foundation and the PHI Centre this fall!

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PHI Event Centre Sexe Desirs Data COVE Rv2
Exhibition Immersion

Sex, Desire and Data

August 1 October 31, 2023

An immersive exhibition that explores the connections between sexuality and technology

Moridjakitengebanza exposition

Exhibitions, immersive experiences, concerts and more...

There's something at PHI for everyone!

Expositions PHI | We Live in an Ocean of Air
Photo: Sarah Larochelle


The PHI North Residency offers musicians the opportunity to produce, explore, experiment, and refine their artistic project.

PHI Residences Nord 1920x1080 Texture 1x


The PHI Immersive Residency is a 4-week program with PHI Studio focused on the development stage of a proposed project.

PHI Residences Immersive Web

PHI is also about meeting creative minds in tune with their discipline(s). Discover all of our articles, podcasts and video interviews.

And while you're here, don't forget to check out PHI's yearly residencies programs.

Created for artists by artists.

PHI Accueil2023 PHI Montreal Residences Karen Trask
Photo: Vjosana Shkurti

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