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Arthur H En Studio Cover
Performance Music

Arthur H

Jan 29 Feb 2

Arthur H records La construction d’un rêve, in collaboration with the Consulat général de France in Quebec,, Mystic Rumba and FRIMAS2014, at the PHI Centre

PHI Centre 3 M Cover
Exhibition Innovation

Three Movements

Mar 31 Sep 5

Discover the multidimensional and mysterious worlds of artists such as Alexandra Stréliski, Daniel Bélanger, Dominique Fils-Aimé, Vincent Morisset…

Venice VR Header
Virtual Reality Film

Biennale di Venezia

Venice VR Expanded

Sep 1 Sep 19

For the second year in a row and in exclusivity in Canada, the PHI Centre presents a selection of virtual reality works from the 78th Biennale di Venezia

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Virtual Reality Nature

Last Chance

We Live in an Ocean of Air

Sep 29 Jan 16

Follow the path of your own breath in an immersive multi-sensory installation that will reveal the invisible connections between you and the forest - 15 minutes of pure meditation.

Performance Music

Sold Out


Oct 27

Ouri is back on our soundstage to celebrate the release of her new LP Frame of a Fauna

P Hi Apparitions DA 1920x1080
Augmented Reality Technology

Last Chance


Oct 27 Jan 16

A captivating augmented reality tour in collaboration with Acute Art, taking you from the main entrance to the rooftop terrace of the PHI Centre.

Ciela Outrances experienceaudioimmersif COVER
Experience Poetry

Lashing Skies

Feb 17 May 29

Lashing Skies, is a captivating 45-minute immersive audio journey of 5 imagined stories on the edges of disaster during the events of September 11th, 2001 designed and directed by multidisciplinary artist Brigitte Poupart

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Yayoi Kusama
Marco Brambilla
Horizons VR