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M M01 Adrien M Clair B PHI STUDIO INSTALLATION Romain Etienne jpg
Credit: Romain Etienne

Mirages & Miracles

An exhibition-experience presented for the first time in North America


Virtual Reality


Mixed Reality



The relationship between PHI and the company Adrien M & Claire B started in December 2018. At Miami’s Art Basel, our teams discovered the work of this young French duo operating at the crossroads of artistic refinement and immersive technology. In September 2019, at the Ars Electronica fair in Graz (Austria), the knot was tied; PHI fell under the spell of Mirages & Miracles, the duo’s latest AR and VR exhibition was a strikingly lyrical accomplishment. From February 18th to April 5th 2020, Mirages & Miracles was at PHI Centre. Presented for the first time in North America, the exhibition offered a subtle blend of technology, art and poetry. It consisted of a series of 14 installations offering a fluid blend of virtual reality, augmented reality, holographic illusion and video projection. The result was a universe full of lyricism combining digital craft, natural phenomena and living visual art, which visitors could freely explore at the PHI Centre.

A Virtual Tour During Confinement

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Montreal's confinement during the spring of 2020, all cultural venues closed, and the exhibition ended one month earlier than planned. To give the Montreal community access to the works of Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne, PHI presented Mirages & Miracles in an online tour.

“Through this experience, the visitor can reanimate the world by looking at the stone through their screen. At times, it seems that one is looking at all of the Earth, a seemingly lifeless stone at first, eventually coming to life.”

Caroline Montpetit

Le Devoir

Virtual Tour | Mirages & Miracles

Copy of Mirages Et Miraclesexposition Adrien M Claire B PHISTUDIO36 Sandra Larochelle
Mirages & Miracles exhibition at the PHI Centre in Montreal, Credit: Sandra Larochelle

Showcasing Mirages & Miracles was a great opportunity for PHI to demonstrate its ability to work closely with artists to render their approach as faithfully as possible, both in terms of scenography and communicating the message we want to convey. After a period of focused reflection with PHI working with Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne every step of the way, Mirage & Miracles became a blueprint for an ecosystem both natural and technological. Recreating it required meticulous attention to detail, assembling it piece by piece, from the AR component to the room dedicated to VR. The exhibition is divided into thematic chapters (The Silence of the Stones, The Ghost Machines, The Mysteries…), perfectly distributed and displayed inside the PHI Centre.

Interview with Claire Bardainne | Mirages & Miracles

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The company Adrien M & Claire B

Founded in 2011 by Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot, the company Adrien M & Claire B creates forms at the crossroads of visual and living arts. Their shows and installations put the body at the centre of the image, blending crafts and digital systems, developing personalized digital tools. Together they question the living world and movement in its multiple resonances, through visual and digital creation. From there a poetic language arises, assembling imaginary, real and virtual, with infinite perspectives ahead.

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