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PHI North offers musicians the opportunity to produce, explore, experiment and refine an artistic project. Selected participants are granted a two-week creative retreat at a riverside lodge in the Laurentian mountains featuring exclusive access to a state-of-the-art recording studio, with in-house engineer and technical assistance, and support from PHI’s team of multidisciplinary experts.

Specifically oriented for Quebec-based artists, this residency provides a much needed escape from the everyday in order for participants to completely immerse themselves in their artistry.

The 2022 Laureates

Residences PHI Nord GENE TELLEM PHOTO Crédit Edward Reilly

> Session 1:

Whether she's taking centre stage as a DJ or working in the studio, Gene Tellem communicates her interpretation of house and techno with soul and playfulness, intuitively balancing the intellectual and the physical. Her productions are usually born out of the imagination and energy associated with electronic music events. She released her first output Who Says No in 2017 on Montreal's SOBO label, which later led to two releases on the London-based Wolf Music label. Gene Tellem then launched her own label, Bienvenue Recordings, in 2019, making her way among the most influential players in the international house scene.
Photo: Edward Reilly
Residences PHI Nord MEHDI BAHMAD

> Session 2:

Between poet and pop persona, Mehdi Bahmad invites everyone to dive head first into his seductive, warm and textured lyrical pop, like an invitation to abandon oneself with passion in his idyllic world. Having grown up between Morocco, France, and Quebec, the honey-voiced artist deploys a sensitive and aesthetic universe adorned with songs that are both intimate and poignant, marked by the singular duality of his journey between East and West.
Residences PHI Nord ANNIE CLAUDE DESCHENES PHOTO Crédit Robert Gil Photoconcerts 2

> Session 3:

Annie-Claude Deschênes lives and works in Montreal. Visual artist, singer, keyboardist, and singer-songwriter in the music group Duchess Says (Bonsound, Alien8 Recordings, Slovenly Recordings) and the formation PYPY (Slovenly Recordings), she also studied sound design at Musitechnic as well as in visual arts at Laval University. The visual and performative aspect occupies a dominant place in all her projects. On stage, she is in a trance, she experiments and has fun making the music visually palpable. She interacts with the spectators, animates the space by improvising with the available objects and tries to distort the conventions of the show in order to mark the imagination of the crowds. Each musical performance then becomes an immersive multidimensional experience where the public is stimulated as much by the sound side as by the visual and performative aspect. For her, visual art and music are inseparable.

Photo: Robert Gil
Residences Montreal Nord THANYA IYER PHOTO Crédit Sophia Grouev

> Session 4:

Thanya Iyer is an enigmatic songwriter who crafts sparkling experimental pop music. Her live trio, with Pompey and Daniel Gélinas, wields acoustic and electronic instruments to flesh out these serene, spiritual compositions. Thanya and the band’s arrangements empower listeners to embrace mindfulness, aesthetic beauty, and the interconnectedness of all things. They recently released their Polaris long-listed, sophomore visual album Kind in the summer of 2020.

Photo: Sophia Grouev

The Selection Committee

  • Lunice

    Recipient of the PHI North 2021 residency program, Lunice was born and raised in the city of Montreal. Internationally renowned artist, producer and DJ, Lunice is a disciple of hip-hop. Experimenting with electro synth sounds layered over pounding bass and drums, he soon developed a sonic aesthetic that kept the spirit of rap music while remaining as potent on the dancefloor as anything else.

  • Patti Schmidt

    Patti has been deeply involved in Canada's independent, underground music and contemporary art communities for more than 25 years—from running labels to performing, making radio, and programming events. She joined Brave New Waves on CBC Radio 2 in 1991, becoming Host and Executive Producer, until the program ended in 2007. Until 2012, she continued to front various CBC radio programs that illuminated music, arts and culture across the country. For 11 years she worked as a curator and producer for the MUTEK Montreal festival of electronic music and digital creativity. In 2016 she was the Artistic Director of the Convergence: Electronic Music + Visual Arts residency at the Banff Centre. She continues to work in digital arts and culture for a variety of organizations including, The British Council Canada, Pride Toronto, and Envision Management.

  • Benny Akpa

    Benjamin Akpa was born in Switzerland. Settled in Montreal since 2007 for his university studies, he obtained his master's degree in Finance at HEC Montreal. Passionate about music and arts, he created the digital media QCLTUR (pronounced "culture") in 2018. Recognized in the music and media industry, he produced in 2021 the album "QCLTUR" gathering 41 artists (singers and music producers). The album's returns have been excellent: +1M streams in 90 days, rated 4.5/5 by the Montreal newspaper, Top 100 BDS Radio with the track "Mami feat. FouKi and Sael". Benjamin is both a record producer and editor registered at SOCAN. His musical expertise, his neutrality, and his professionalism have earned him the trust of not only SOCAN but also ADISQ and the JUNO awards to compose their jury.

  • Renelle Desjardins Chiasson

    With over 25 years of experience in the music industry, Renelle has toured as a musician and was the label manager at Phi Group before becoming the Director of Programming at the PHI Centre. In her 15 years at PHI, she has become a key figure in the music program. She has been instrumental in the development and positioning of the PHI Centre’s renowned soundstage where musicians and artists of international repute converge.

  • Marika Anthony-Shaw

    Marika Anthony-Shaw is a musician, social entrepreneur, and strategist specializing in the intersection of advocacy and culture. She is the Senior Advisor and Residencies Co-Lead at PHI in Montreal since 2019, and is the founder and CEO of PLUS1.ORG.

Program Details

The residency for musicians

Musicians and bands, this residency is for you. This is your chance to produce, explore, experiment, or refine your music project, whether it is in its early, middle or final stages. Get ready to experience a complete two-week immersion in an intimate, quiet and peaceful setting, the golden opportunity to expand your practice.

Introspection at the service of creation

With an approximate value of Can$18,000 for each session, give yourself a break from your daily routine and devote yourself entirely to your project. In a lodge on the banks of a river in the Laurentian mountains, explore your artistic practice and enjoy a work environment that is both resourcing and inspiring.

Push the limits of your practice and indulge in a journey of self-reflection that will open the door to new avenues of creation. Test it, enhance it, or give it a new direction, you are in the driver's seat.

A state-of-the-art recording studio at the heart of nature

Produce your musical project with exclusive access to a state-of-the-art recording studio, a network of multidisciplinary experts acknowledged in their fields, and a dedicated technical support team attentive to your needs.


2021 Laureates

PHI NORD GAYANCE credit Stacy Lee Bruno Destombes
“The residency allowed me to use rest in my art.”

— Gayance
PHI NORD Lunice Photo by Lauren Engel
“The PHI North residency absolutely inspired a new frame of work for how I express my art. I truly believe that the environment has a huge influence on your behavior and mental health so being surrounded by nature all while creating and having access to a state of the art studio space helped push the momentum of my work to newer heights. It's a one of a kind experience.”

— Lunice
PHI NORD EVE Stacy Lee 1
“Participating in the PHI Nord residency gave us such an amazing opportunity to work, play, bond, and create in a beautiful setting. A little escape from the busy world, this residency was the exact time and space needed to work on my next album. The nature, rec facilities, living spaces, and recording studio were all excellent and beyond our expectations! Highly recommended for any artist at any stage in their creative process.”

— Eve Parker Finley
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