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Antenne Visions Hip Hop Balado COVER

Discover the Hidden Figures and Stories of Quebec Hip-Hop

  • Podcast
  • PHI Centre

The Visions Hip-Hop QC podcast is presented as part of An Exhibition by Marven Clerveau: Visions Hip-Hop QC, curated by music historian and author Vladimir Delva. In this multidisciplinary exhibition, Clerveau takes us through a visual and audio journey discovering the artists and figures that have marked Quebec's unique hip-hop scene and culture.

Alongside the exhibition, this 4-part discussion series will take you through its main curatorial themes: women in hip-hop, entrepreneurial development, longevity in the genre, and the new generation. Featuring some of the most prolific rappers, producers, artists, and managers from Quebec’s hip-hop scene, discover their engaging conversations about this unique culture and musical movement.

Episode 1:
Women in Hip-Hop

We invite women from different generations who have marked the evolution of Quebec’s hip-hop culture, whether as rappers, journalists, beatmakers, or choreographers, to share some of their experiences.

Presented by Espace Urbain and made possible by the Government of Canada.

Hosted by

Keithy Antoine

In conversation with

Hua Li

Tammy Tuesdayz (Photo: Chouizz)

Skandal (Sabrina Jean)

Episode 2:
Entrepreneurial Development in Hip-Hop

How do you build a business that promotes hip-hop culture? Are majority groups capitalizing on this artistic movement? A discussion about entrepreneurial development within the local hip-hop community.

Presented by QCLTUR and made possible by the Government of Canada.

Hosted by


In conversation with

Bboy Afternoon

Carlos Munoz (Photo: Vincent Gravel)

B. Stacks

Episode 3:
Longevity in the Genre

How do you adapt to change? How do you maintain your creativity and innovation as an artist after many years and different projects? How do you develop an intergenerational conversation with emerging and new artists? A discussion focused on artistic longevity in Quebec hip-hop.

Presented by HITstory and made possible by the Government of Canada.

Hosted by

Dice B (Photo: Béatrice Noël)

In conversation with

Youri Dominique (Photo: Alex Dilem)

James-Lee Eloi

Naya Ali (Photo: Alex Dilem)

Episode 4:
The New Generation

How do contemporary artists perceive the current music industry? Is an intergenerational dialogue necessary for the new artistic generation? A discussion about the current issues facing emerging artists in Quebec hip-hop.

Presented by HITstory and made possible by the Government of Canada.

Hosted by

Youri Dominique (Photo: Alex Dilem)

Lakesshia Kiki

In conversation with

Shailah Leann Morris (Photo: Raphael-Nikiema)


Jai Nitai Lotus


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